Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Mortem et Mortem

It was an unbelievably exciting Presidential race. There were three major personalities, and all three would have been a major step forward than the last 8 years. In the end the choice of President Obama was probably the only one of the three that could have been a truly great President. While the sideshow bickering of Sarah Palin supporters and detractors will be like watching a car accident at the race track there are more immportant fish to fry.

At the top of my list of fish to fry:

  • Not hopping on the computer as soon as I get home to read what's going on and spending more time with the kids.
  • Listening to Howard Stern again instead of Bill Press.
  • Stop ignoring by pitiful performance on my Fantasy Football team (twice I have started players on bye weeks this year).
  • The Boston Celtics. I remarkably stil don't know if they won last night.
  • Leaves, leaves, leaves.
Not on the list for the forseeable future is updating this blog. I have had fun and the past week have had more hits than at any point which I have updated this blog. For now it is on the shelf.

Peace Out

2 comments: said...

Great commentary all through out the election. Now go get preoccupied with your wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

You had absolutely the best links - those were the best sites. It's good to know that there are still thinking people out there - and that we have the medium to make our voices heard. It was great listening to the commentary of an intelligent being - there are more of us out here than you think. Not all in the USA (I live in Jamaica). I hope to God Barack fulfils the potential we believe he has.