Saturday, July 14, 2007

Going Green

My wife is trading in her 9 year old Volvo while it still has some value left. It is limping to the finish line. We have been shopping for cars for about two months and were prepared to make a decision today to buy a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. While we were waiting to see the sales person on the Highlander, my wife decided to test drive a Prius.
She couldn't have been more pleased. She test drove the Prius and loved it. Handled great, had plenty of zip, and she liked the style of it. She likes the style, I like the fuel economy.
Here's a couple of fun facts on the Prius gas mileage:
The Prius would use only about 180 gallons of gas to do 10000 miles of driving. With my Murano's 21 gallon tank that would be 9 fillups in a year. With the Prius 12 gallon tank, its about 15 fill ups.
To drive from Boston to Orlando it would take about 25 gallons.
Round trip Boston to New York and back on 8 gallons.
The carbon produced by driving the Prius 10,000 miles is 1.62 tons. This compares ro about 3.5 tons for the average sedan.

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