Saturday, July 14, 2007

The War on Water

Recently San Francisco Mayor made headlines by banning public buildings from buying bottled water or even water coolers. His actions were closesly followed by Salt Lake City, Utah which enacted a similar ban. The Mayor's reasoning is that 1 billion water bottles end up in California land fills each year. He reasoned that tests show that SF's tap water was far better than the bottled water.

Recently on a business trip, my colleague mentioned the ban on bottled water to someone who was from Califonia. His response was an over the top lecture on how bottled water was destroying the world.

Since losing over 100 lbs and giving up soda two years ago, I must admit my drink of choice has been water (other than coffee). All of my home consumption is tap water from the fridge, but I do have several bottles of water during the week. Am I ready for a complete ban on my bottled water cosnumption? No. There are times when buying bottled water beats the alternatives, but I will be more concientions when making choices at work or at the gym.

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