Monday, July 30, 2007

Why I'm not Happy my Favorite Basketball Player is Joining my Favorite team

Let me get this out of the way, I admit I was wrong about the Pedro Martinez trade. Giving up Carl Pavano and Tony Armas Jr did not wind up killing the Red Sox for years to come. OK, I was wrong. It doesn't mean I am wrong this time.

I enjoy watching Kevin Garnett play basketball more than any other player in the league. The guy plays with as much fire as anyone in the league. He is incredibly athletic, gifted and intense. By all accounts he is a great teammate. He is joing the Celtics in a trade that is sending away four very talented players in their early twenties and some guy named Theo.

I understand the need to give up Jefferson, he will be a very good player in the league, maybe even a great player. Gomes is a nice serviceable player that will have a good solid career in the NBA and at some point will be a solid role player on a championship team. I even have some misgivings about seeing Sebastian Telfair go. He is a young talented player that I still think one day will get it.

However the deal breaker to me is Gerald Green. Gerald Green some day soon could emerge as a very special NBA player. Now, picture how much you hated seeing Chauncey Billups the last 10 years develop and multiply times 2, because that is what I see for Green.

The argument goes, the Celtics immediatly go to a championship contender with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. I'm sure the Nuggets felt the same way last year when they added Allen Iverson to a team with Carmelo Anthony, K-Mart, Camby and Nene. Quick name me three other Celtics???? Mind you the same people praising the deal today were complaining about Ray Allen being too old a month ago. Guess what? He's older now.

All Star teams rarely work. Ask the Orioles how Bip Roberts, Albert Belle, Roberto Alomar, etc worked out. Ask the recent Dream Team coaches how their teams fare in the Olympics.

I love Kevin Garnett and may be more likely to buy tickets next year to watch, but I don't think this was a good deal. I am hoping that Kevin Garnett proves me just as wrong as Pedro did during the championship parade.

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Mike said...

The bigger question is, why is basketball relevant anymore? Its a good game played by thugs and refereed by at least one bad guy and maybe more?.