Sunday, July 29, 2007

Best of the Web

Time Magazine has a special on the 50 best websites. I guess I must be like my brother in that I love lists. Here are my 25 favorite websites in no particular order:

The Huffington Post- Makes no pretence about being a Liberal News and Opnion site.

Washington Post- As good of reporting as NYT with less of an agenda.

Drudgereport- Great site for those that like a quick scan of the news. During election season however, the site becomes the central point for Republican talking points.

Slate- Great site and even better podcasts. I am a big fan of the weekly Politcal Gabfest.

CNN- Most in depth news site on the net.

Espn- Best sports site by far. Sports Guy columns always good for several laughs.

CBS- Best Fantasy Football site. Almost time for me to win again this year.

RealGM- Great basketball site for the 5 remaining NBA fans.

Political Wire- Great recaps of the days events in politics.

Real Clear Politics- Collection of right leaning articles, polls, and opinions. (it's good to know what the misinformed are reading)

Open Secrets- Details where all the money goes to the campaigns and even how it is getting spent.

Electoral Vote- Infrequently updated outside of election season. During election season it is the first thing I log on to in the morning.

CQ Politics- Congressional Quarterly. Daily news updates plus lots of reference info.

The Politico- Recently discovered this site.

Think Progress- Red meat for progressives.

Amazon - One of first, the biggest and the best etailer.

Ebay- If you are ever looking for something you can't find anywhere else, it's here.

Craigslist- I have actually only used it a couple of times, but it is a great site.

Drs Forster and Smith- They bought my favorite pet supply etailer and made it better. Easily 40% cheaper than anything you find in stores.

Staples- Maybe a self serving plug, but I buy more online from Staples than any other etailer. One more self serving plug, Staples is the worlds second largest etailer behind Amazon.

YouTube- Great archive of stolen copyrighted material.

Stern Fan Network- I am a big stern fan and this site is entertaining like watching a car accident.

Best Friends- This Animal Society is the best in the world and their site is a great reference tool for pet owners.

google and Yahoo- These two it almost goes without saying are indispensable. I am lumping them together as one since I pretty much use them interchangeable.

And last but not least two honorable mentions to two sites I visit frequently. The Grand View which is the Blog of my brother Mike and the Big Mattress which is radio legend Charles Lacquidaira's blog.

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