Monday, August 6, 2007

Quick Links

Second installment of Quick links.

Giuliani Daughter Backs Obama
Caroline Giuliani, daughter of the presidential candidate and former New York mayor, "has signaled she's backing Democrat Barack Obama for president," the AP reports.

Meanwhile, Slate documents Ms. Giuliani left the Obama Facebook group after inquiries from reporters.
Obviously the girl has some sense.

GOP Debate: Winners and Losers
Quick analysis of recent GOP debate. Look out. Mike Huckabee moving up the charts.

Fundrace 2008
Find out how much your neighors gave to Presidential campaign. (I've already outlined the house that are getting an egging on Halloween)

Poodle no More
That was the title of the link leading to this article on the Huffington Post inferring that Britain's new PM is not going to be lead around on by GWB.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain asked the United States on Tuesday to release five British residents from Guantanamo Bay in a change of policy that may signal Prime Minister Gordon Brown is taking a more independent stance from Washington.

Bacsik tries to follow dad's path, prevent 756
One of the things I love about baseball is you never lack for little non important but interesting nuggets like this.

Apple stikes again
I received an email today from Apple announcing their new Mac. (see above) I actually called over to my wife to take a look at it (she was asleep, it will have to wait until morning). Anyways, another Apple product that is very slick!!!

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