Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quick Links

Here's a few links of articles I found intersting:

Purple America: Can the DNC's 50-State Strategy Turn Red States Blue?. Long article on the progress and politics of Howard Dean's 50 state strategy.

The candidate that wasn't. Michael Bloomberg is ruling out running for President. Too ad, it would have made for a very interesting race.

Where Bush's Presidency 'jump the shark'? For me it was Inauguration Day, but for many others it was the aftermath of Katrina. Time has an article on the problems that lead up to the disaster and still continue. How a perfect storm of big-money politics, shoddy engineering and environmental ignorance is setting up the city for another catastrophe.

Slate looks at the Guiliani essay on foreign affairs. The writer takes exception on most of the essay and grades it a c- for a freshman course on international relations.

Gambling Tim Donaghy is naming names of other referees that gamble. Gambling is against thr NBA bylaws for referees (but not for Michael Jordan). This could mean up to 20 referees may be fired. If there is any luck, Violet Palmer is one of them.

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