Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick Links

Ok, I have been accused of being too political lately. %@&* you Jim. Anyways, here are some non politcal quick links:

I always like articles like this that compare players across generations. This one is about Rawlings attempt at fielding an all time gold glove team. Leading to the the better question of "who is Wes Parker?"

Slate has an article on a popular Football news site that was the lead on the Michael Vick story. The article claims that this site is the best source for football news. Here's the article (Slate) and here is the actual football site(Pro Football Talk). It is largely run by one person and is considered the best insider information. Why have I never heard of this site????

It's bring your own cupcakes Friday for Artie Lange fans like myself. When Artie Lange Hosts 'Friday Night Stand-Up' on Comedy Central. It will be followed by the television premiere of Beer League. For those of you that didn't spend you 15th wedding anniversary in a Times Square movie theatre with 5 other patrons watching the movie, this is your chance.

Here's Artie doing the William Shatner Roast.

How'd I do Jim?


Jim said...

I swear the Pro Football Talk link is a scam to get me to draft crappy players. The fantasy ranking arent even close to every other list out there

EzBlogger said...

The Champ doesn't need to scam you to draft crappy players.