Monday, September 3, 2007

Hope Action Change

Early on I've been leaning towards voting for Barack Obama but I haven't been sure. I am now jumping on the bandwagon with two feet. I have come to accept that Al Gore ain't coming. I am disappointed, but I will get over it. I say this with certainty in my mind, Gore would have beaten Clinton and would have won the general election by a wide margin.

In listening to the debates mentioned on the previous post, Hillary Clinton was almost perfect. She withstood attacks, showed her sharpness and experience. From the stand point of authority, experience, polish, and command of the material she was just about perfect. Just about....then she said something to the effect of "I know how to fight the Republican Machine, I've been doing for 15 years". That one line made me cringe and rule her out as a candidate.

I am 100% Democrat, last election I voted a straight ticket despite holding my nose on a few selections. However, the partisan BS between the parties has gotten so bad that virtually nothing is ever accomplished. From what I heard from Hillary is that is not ending any time too soon in a Clinton 2 administration. This country has too many serious issues that are too important that never go anywhere because the two parties are always campaigning and never working together.

Maybe I am being naive but I think Barack Obama could be just the agent of change to fix what ailes Washington. Barack did well in the debates but did show inexperience on occasion. Over time, that will improve. Barack strikes me as someone that will surround himself with bright experience people and will not be closed minded. Like Bill Clinton he will get advice and ask probing questions and make very informed decisions.

Ultimately I am supporting Obama because I am hoping he can bridge the gap and improve the culture of Washington. His slogan is "Hope Action Change" and ultimately those are probably the reasons why I will vote for him.

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Well thought out and well said, Phil. I don't know who I will be voting for yet but Obama is an interesting candidate.