Monday, September 3, 2007

Today being Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, I spent time doing some catch up stuff in the yard that I've neglected for a bit. While doing my work, I tuned into some podcasts I've downloaded that I didn't have a chance to listen to yet. Two of the podcasts were The Democrat and Republican debates with George Stephanopolos. I know the underlying story is I need to get a life but I did get some better perspective on a few things.

First thing I learned is that Duncan Hunter shouldn't be running for President, he should be committed. The suggestion of bombing Mecca or Medina in retaliation for another terrorist attack is stupid on a level not seen since Jessica Simpson took algebra.

Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich did not do a good job. Both pandered too much to the base and were not realistic on withdrawal from Iraq by Christmas.

Chris Dodd and Joe Biden were very sharp, particularly Biden. Both are very bright accomplished men that would be front runners in a different field.

Every time John Edwards talked, I felt like he was selling me something. I'm not buying it. Like him as a person, not as the leader of the free world.

Hillary and Obama were clearly the head of the class. I will go more into this on the next post.

As for the GOP, I think Guiliani, Huckabee and McCain did the best in the debate.

Mitt comes across as saying whatever he needs to to get elected. I voted for him for Governor, I would like that vote back (although his competition was no winner either). As much as he is sinking into Iowa, I don't think he will win it. I think his shelf life in Iowa is about up.

Huckabee came across as genuine far too conservative for my liking, but honest, decent and a good leader. If I were a conservative Republican (after suffering some sort of head trauma), I would definitely give him and McCain consideration. If when Fred Thompson enters the race he does not do well, I could see much of his support going to Huckabee.

Senator McCain came across as the most knowledgeable of the group. Strong leadership, good on the issues, able to laugh at himself, knows what he wants out of a McCain presidency. McCain was probably the most realistic when answering on tax reform.

Ron Paul did very well in the debate ad many times received cheers. If he were running as a Democrat, I think some of positions would play better. In the GOP, some of his stands on issues are too far to the left.

Rudy had probably the best debate performance. He was too far to the right of GWB on the war, but on many issues is probably too moderate for his party. He delivered the best line of the day when he answered a question of what mistakes did he make and what did he learn. His response to George Stephanopolos was that he should answer that question to George's father who is a Priest.

Brownback and Hunter were so far out of the mainstream that they are going nowhere.

One major contrast between the two debates from someone that only heard the audio is that many of the Republican voices were very similar. The Democrats have a woman, a black and a Hispanic vs all white men that sound similar. It was also interesting to hear the Republicans (particularly Romney) misrepresent the positions the Democrats held in the debate I just finished listening to.

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