Sunday, September 2, 2007

Would the Last one out please turn out the lights!

It's been a good month to be a Democrat. Let's see if I have the list of August/September departures.

Alberto Gonzalez resigned under pressure from Josh Bolton since he was seen as increasingly difficult to salvage.

Karl Rove resigned so he could spend more time with his family. In related news, his family all got jobs out of state.

Tony Snow is resigning September 15th so he can go back to earning a decent paycheck.

Senator John Warner is retiring at the end of the term. His seat becomes a very winnable seat should Former Democratic Governor Mark Warner decide to run.

Senator Larry Craig is resigning under heavy pressure from Republicans after engaging in a game of footsie in a public restroom.

While 3 of the departures are additions by subtraction for the Republicans, they add to the death by 1000 paper cuts that has been going on for two years. Worth noting, Senator Warner and Tony Snow are real losses as both were highly respected and very capable in their jobs.

All the while Republicans continue to stuggle with their choices for President while the Democratic Party has 3 front runners that would suit the party just fine.

Election day is still 14 months away, but the storm of momentum that swept away Republican majorities in the Congress, Senate and Governors in 2006 continues to roll downhill like a runaway freght train.

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