Sunday, September 9, 2007

Say Anything....Say Nothing Mitt

One of the things that probably hurt John Kerry the most during his unsuccessful bid for the Presidency is that it was perceived that he would say anything to get elected. John would always take safe positions at the expense of taking chances and would "flip flop" on issues depending on the crowd or direction of the wind.

If John Kerry was guilty of this, Mitt Romney has perfected the art. As I mentioned in an earlier post, shows the differences in positions Mitt has taken on several issues over the years, depending on his motivation at the moment. In addition to his great skills of saying whatever it takes to get elected, he has also perfected saying nothing. With this in mind, the following article from the LA Times caught me as amusing. Here are a few excerpts:

Romney Takes Bin Laden, Iran to Task
Way to go Mitt. Good to show leadership at the risk of pissing off the Bin Laden lobby.

While visiting a community college, the former Massachusetts governor said the new video message from Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is nearly impossible for Americans to understand"Who can be so deluded as he is?" Romney asked.
Hold on for a minute Mitt. Those are pretty harsh words.

Romney told reporters afterward that Bin Laden's ideas on Americans being coerced into converting to Islam "are not in line with rational thought."
Does that mean I should cancel my Amazon order of the Quran??

"The whole radical jihadist movement is extraordinarily misguided and evil and is a form of delusion," Romney said. "I was, in some respects, thankful that he reminded the people of the world what the face of evil looks like."
I'm thankful too. I almost forgot.

While saying that he hopes Iran can be persuaded to give up its nuclear ambitions, he said the U.S. must "tighten the sanctions hard so that the people of Iran understand just what renegades their leaders seem like on the world stage."
Good call Mitt, the sanctions in Iraq caused the people of Iraq to rise against Saddam, why wouldn't it work in Iran too?

It goes to show that while Mitt will say anything to get elected, most of the times he says nothing.

There was this exchange between Romney and McCain in the New Hampshire debate last week:

When Mitt Romney answered a question about Iraq by qualifying his assessment of the surge--it is "apparently working," Romney said--McCain attacked.

"Governor, the surge is working. The surge is working, sir."

"That's just what I said," Romney protested.

"It is working. No, not 'apparently.' It's working," he said.

Right or wrong, McCain staked out a position on the surge. Mitt hedged his bets in trying to not offend anybody. I said in an earlier post, Mitt's shelf life is going to expire soon. The more people hear him the more he is going to remind them of another "say anything, say nothing" Republican, the one that has 498 days left in office.

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