Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quick Links

I find this amusing. A 23 year old college student was kicked off Southwest Airlines for being 'under dressed'. Article here. If she were on my flight I wouldn't be offended to sit next to her!

Tonight I was in the emergency room with my daughter (who broke her hand) and I read this article about an amazing 93 year old man that is widely credited with saving a billion people. What's wrong when we know Lindsay Lohan's father visited her in rehab but we do not know this guy's story?

Another interesting article from the same magazine is about Al Qaeda Family Feud. Seems like there is a fracture between different factions. It's important when you consider that the demise of many larger than life figures come from people close to them. Et tu Brute?

Here's a different point of view on the state of the Republican Party. Evidently the WSJ doesn't editorial page down't thing the Republicans are reeling, they think "the Republican presidential campaign comes into focus". I don't see it, but I always like to listen (or in this case read) opposing points of view.

Last link is an article on Michael Dell and Can he Refocus His Namesake?. I've always liked Dell PC's and recommended them until recently, now I tell anyone that will listen to get a Mac. It will be interesting to see what changes Dell has in store to get back to being the #1 PC maker.

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Ok, if that's the outfit that she wore, she is going to make some money from SOuthwest. I wouldn't have minded sitting next next to her.