Wednesday, October 17, 2007

End of One Tale, Start of a New One

On Monday while I check my home email from work, I came across an email response from our old dog's new owner. I read it and got choked up. I called my wife to read it to her and could barely read it. Reading this email gave us a lot of peace and closure finally with Mia.

If you hadn't kept up with the Mia saga, then you can follow this link.

And now for the email......

She's a great dog we're having a blast, we just got back from a hiking trip up in Maine. Everyone is blown away by how sweet and loving and well behaved she is your family did a great job with her. I haven't had any problems with other dogs yet it's kind of hit or miss with the dogs she comes in contact with but I'm very carefull and I'm slowly getting her adjusted to the company of other dogs. I'm not a fan of the muzzle just cause I'd rather slowly train her not to need a muzzle, she doesnt back down that's for sure but thank you for the heads up. She is well loved and taken care of and she seems very happy with all the attention she's getting. If you and your children would like to stop by and play with her for a while please feel free to email me and we can set something up so they can still play with her. I think she's a great dog I really do we're having a great time together, feel free to contact me about her anytime. Thanks again. - p

Since Mia has been out of the house for two months, my wife and I felt strongly that we should adopt another dog from a shelter to save a dog like our dog has been saved. Enter Manny....Manny is an 11 week old Hound and Lab Mix. He is cute like Mia and will probably be about the same size, hopefully we are able to be better owners than we were for Mia.

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