Friday, October 12, 2007

I Told You So

Back in 2000, I was very pro Gore. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise that nothing short of deceptive illegal voter intimidation and fraud cost him the election. To date President Bush has turned out to be the worst President of my lifetime (including Nixon). This morning Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize.

While it would be tempting for the 50,996,116 of us that voted for Al Gore to say "I told you so" to the 50,456,169 people who voted for Bush. However, that just isn't true. I would much rather have seen GWB succeed. I would rather have a President who I could have respected.

On the day Al Gore took the spotlight again I feel compelled to ask:
Where would we be on Stem Cell research with President Gore?
Would we have gone into Iraq?
If we go into Iraq, would it have been managed so incompetently?
Would we have finished to job in Afghanistan, including making it more stable and less prone to terror?
Would he have kept the budget deficit from rising to near crisis levels?
Would he have made us less dependent on foreign oil?
Would he have dropped the ball on all the signs leading up to 9/11?

I can't help but think that on every one of these issues, President Gore would have succeeded where President Bush failed miserably. When I do think of how much better things could have been I can only say "I told you so".

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