Friday, October 12, 2007

Justice for All

I came across this on PoliticalWire. It's a pretty admirable comment in a case where several people Larry Craig included did not act admirably.

How did the sex-sting arrest of Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) go unreported for many months?

The Wall Street Journal notes Christopher Renz, a 31 year old Minneapolis lawyer hired by the Metropolitan Airport Commission "harbored this juicy tidbit" for two and a half months and that most lawyers in his own firm didn't know about the soon to be high profile case.

Said Renz: "It wasn’t our job to tell the public about it. Everybody else in these cases had some anonymity. These cases aren’t some Scarlet Letter deal where we mete out some kind of public humiliation.”

In a day where tabloid journalism and blog bashing reign supreme, you have to hand it to this 31 year old lawyer who did his job and did not try to capitalize on it beyond that.

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