Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Links

Every few weeks there is another tease about Al Gore running for President. Usually after I resign myself to it not happening. Now with speculation running rampant him winning the Nobel Peace Prize and using that as a springboard to run for President.

I used to like Rudy a lot. However, the more I see him these days the more he reminds me of GWB. This Slate article shows that he has a little aversion to the truth that sounds way too familiar. The fact that Joe Biden slammed him at a recent debate, saying he is "the most uninformed person on American foreign policy now running for president" only further confirms the comparison.

Sometimes people never learn. USFL, XFL, WLAF, etc have all failed. Yet for some reason two new leagues are begining with some potentially deep pocketed owners (Mark Cuban). The best part of the article shows Tim Crouch trying out. That will be good news for those that own Tim Crouch jerseys (there is an inside joke in this last comment).

One of the gazillion political newsletters I received this week contains an interesting study on what would happen if the Electoral College were changed from a winner take all to a District by District plan. Unfortunately, Al Gore still loses (and Nixon beats Kennedy in 1960).

For those of us with satellite radio, the merger in waiting of Xm and Sirius is confounding. Mobil and Exxon merged with no issues but two little satellite companies are taking months. Interesting status of the merger noting that Sirius has spent $1mil in copying alone for the 6 mil pages of legal documents submitted. (sounds like they are getting ripped off)

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