Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On a Roll

Hard to get fired up about politics or anything else when the Red Sox are on such a roll. Their last three wins are 7-1, 12-2, 11-1 and they are now winning game 1 of the World Series 13-1. At this rate Eric Gagne may get in this series.
Some impressive numbers through 5 innings.

8 of the 9 starters have an RBI tonight. Lowell the exception
8 of 9 have at least 1 hit. Ellsbury the exception.
7 of 9 hitters have at least one walk. Ortiz and Drew the exception.

Then theres Beckett 8 strikeouts through 6.

I'm a Sox fan, so I fully understand one game doesn't make a series, but these guys are looking on fire right now.

Go Sox!!!

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