Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick Links

First off is a Editorial from the New York Times singing the praises of Mike Huckabee and talks about his move towards the front of the pack. You heard it here first. Hmmmmm.......Another article on Huckabee fever. Go figure.

Electoral Vote does a nice summary on Presidential fund raising to date. Interesting that HRC has more cash on hand than all Republicans at this point. Then there is Mitt Romney who has "loaned" his campaign over $17 mil so far. He better keep going to the ATM because he is going to be beat in Iowa by the guy listed above.

Fantasy conspiracy. First an owner in my league traded Tomlinson and Welker for Parker and Boldin. Informed that he received the worse running back and worse receiver of the deal he responded "both of my players have byes this week and I want to beat Phil". If that isn't bad enough conspiring against me now I have to deal with this.

Nice Pumpkins. WSJ has a story about a town that turns giant pumpkins into boats.

Lastly WSJ has a Q&A with Steroid Nation author on the rampant steroid abuse in sports.

2 comments: said...

Yes, Phil, you do have to deal with it but now instead it says 7-0.

EzBlogger said...

Just afraid of the SI jinx.