Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Love at Home

WBZ conducted a new poll that shows Mitt Romney would lose a General Election matchup against Clinton 65% to 31% in Massachusetts. I am convinced that the smartest thing that Mitt did was choosing not to run for Governor in 2006. Mitt would have lost and his candidacy would have gone the way of George Allen of Virginia who saw his Presidential bid go up in smoke as he failed to win reelection.

Back in 2002 when Mitt won his race against Shannon O'Brien, the only reason he won was that he was running against a poor candidate. Let's face it, if I voted for him, his competition must have been lousy.

Mitt spent about the first year governing the state before abandoning his job and spending the remaining three years using taxpayer money to begin his campaign for Presidency. Now, to lose a poll in his 'home' state by an overwhelming majority speaks volume for the job he did as Governor.

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