Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Truth Has Been Set Free

Opening night for the Celtics was last night and they performed as advertised. Not all nights are going to be 20 point blowouts, but the team does look dominant. It is a far cry from the team that lost 18 straight last year,

Paul Pierce has endured many bad times in a Celtic uniform. He has had many opportunities to doubt the personnel, the owners and the GM. For the most part he has bitten his lip and kept his complaints out of the media. He has never asked to be traded publicly.

Now Pierce is rewarded by being on a team everyone wants to play on. Just today Sam Cassell and Juwan Howard have expressed interest in playing for the Celtics. All summer they had more interest in playing for the Celtics than in many many years. When Posey signed with the Celts, he said it was because it gave him the best chance to win a championship. Posey played with Shaq and Wade in Miami last year. Boston is not necessarily a destination location as lets say South Beach, or Phoenix, or LA for that matter.

Which brings me to Paul's polar opposite Kobe Bryant. Kobe is one of the best players in the league if not the best. He plays in a big desirable market for a coach with nine rings. He currently is sulking because the Lakers have not surrounded him with a good enough team. Maybe he should have thought of this before he drove Shaq out of town.

He had Shaq, Karl Malone and Gary Payton on his team before it imploded with infighting mostly caused by Kobe. Even with those guys gone, you would think that free agents would flock to play in LA with Kobe. Guess not. What star is willing to stand around while Kobe hoists up 45 shots?

Sometimes you get what you deserve. Paul is getting his first season with a dominant contender while Kobe sulks for a borderline playoff team.

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