Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2 Down, 48 to Go

I actually wish my post from yesterday turned out to be wrong, but it appears that Hillary came back from the dead a little earlier than expected.

I do admire the Clintons on several fronts. First and foremost Bill Clinton was the best President of my lifetime. Another thing I respect is that they know how to win elections. While that may not always be pretty as they proved over the past few days, it is a quality that they possess that is going to make them tough to beat.

Most polls had Obama expanding his lead to low double digits over the past two days until the Clintons went into over drive. Bill Clinton who is every bit the rock star as Obama dismissed the Obama surge as "the biggest fairy tail I have ever seen". The same day, Hillary shows (fakes) emotion and nearly breaks down. Hillary is softening and Bill is the pitbull. Look for the continued softening of Hillary and the attack PitBill to continue.

For those like myself that are looking for an interesting campaign, it just got more interesting.

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