Monday, January 28, 2008

No More Clintons

I am starting to feel like a Republican. As the days go by, the more my dislike grows for the Clintons. Today a couple of things added to my dislike.

When Florida and Michigan decided to ignore DNC rules by moving their primary date, the DNC punished them by stripping them of their delegates. All candidates agreed not to campaign in either state. Every major candidate pulled their name off the Michigan ballot except one that couldn't file the paperwork on time.

Now after agreeing not to campaign in Florida, Hillary is going back on her word to the DNC and is now trying to use Florida as a springboard into Super Tuesday. While on the surface it may not seem like much but if we can't trust a politician to be true to their word in the campaign, how can we trust them as President.

A quick aside as to why it is important that states follow the rules. If the states were to not have guidelines every state would choose to be first. If every state were to move up to the first possible date the only candidate that could compete would be the one with the most money. Say what you will about Huckabee, but the fact that voters were able to get to know him in Iowa and have him springboard up with the big boys without any funding is what running for office should be about. Ideas trumps money. This is why there are rules and order. Rules which Michigan and Florida violated.

The other thing that annoys me is the interference Bill Clinton continues to run for Hillary. It was revealed that prior to Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama, Bill Clinton lobbied hard for Kennedy to stay neutral. Again, on the surface this is nothing. If Hillary can't win this on her own she doesn't deserve to be President. In Iowa, Bill lobbied the publisher, Editor, and owner of the Des Moines Register for Hillary's endorsement. The reason this bothers me is that with Bill Clinton working in the shadows, you have to wonder what role he would play in the Clinton 2 administration. Do we really need another Dick Cheney running things without any regards to the rules?

It really isn't any one thing that is leading me to Clinton fatigue and maybe these things are minor but somewhere along this weekend I decided that if Hillary Clinton is the nominee for the Democratic Party I will not vote for her. For someone that usually votes a straight Democratic ticket. The best I can hope for is a third party candidate like Bloomberg.

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