Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Night Fights

Last night I went to the Celtics game with my two kids, on the way out the door I asked my wife to make dinner reservations for the two of us for the next night. As soon as I left the house I regretted that request. Thankfully, my wife forgot and I didn't have to weasel out to see three Saturday night fights I was looking forward to.

The first fight was between the Celtics and their 8 game winning streak playing the Detroit Pistons (who were the last team to beat the Celtics) who were on an 11 game winning streak of their own. It was a very tense battle for 48 minutes until the Celtics pulled away with a 7 point victory thanks to the surprising hero Glenn Big Baby Davis. The Celtics who are ranked number two in the Espn, SI and SportingNews polls to the Pistons can now be asurred of the top spot. No more complaints of a soft schedule, you don't go 29-3 by accident.

Fight two was the Republican Presidential Debate. Although I only got to watch during time outs of fight one, it was enough to see 5 guys pummel Slick Mitt. Politico has a great article discussing how much the other candidates dislike Mitt. It was nice to know that I am not alone. Mitt has about 4 more days before he is no longer considered a major candidate in the race. Sorry Mitt, $20 mil of your personal fortune down the drain. Picking a winner I would have to go with McCain.

Fight three was the Democrats squaring off, I got to see a little more of this than the republican debate because it lasted 45 minutes after the game. Although Hillary came out fighting, it was interesting to see Edwards insulate Obama from her attacks and not try to know him off the perch. It was essentially a tag team match. Clinton and Richardson against Obama and Edwards. Unfortunately for Clinton, her tag team partner didn't help her by saying he would meet with the Soviet Union. Clearly Stalin should be expecting his calls soon. Clinton lost her composure on one exchange but overall not as many haymakers as was thrown in the GOP debate. If I had to pick a winner I would say Obama just because he came in with momentum and got out unscathed.

So fight night was pretty good, all three fighters I was rooting for came out on top and my least favorite (slick Mitt) had a long night.

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