Sunday, February 24, 2008

10 Best Political Sites

Just about every day I quickly scan (or not so quickly as my wife would suggest) about 10 political sites not including the politics sections of news sites. In honor of it being Oscar's nite, these are my favorites:

Best Political websites
Taegon Goddards's Political Wire Great selection of quick news flashes.

Mark Halprin's The Page: I found this one recently and really like it.

RealClearPolitics Usually conservative leaning, but it's a great collection of news links and pole data.

Politico Well written, well connected stories.

Electoral Vote Updated once a day. Better when it gets closer to general election time when there is a lot of data to mine.

The New Republic
Another site I didn't fall into until recently, good feature pieces.

The DailyKos The gold standard of Liberal Blogs.

Hotline Similar to Political Wire, quick news flashes.

Talking Points Memo
Very left leaning political website.

Think Progress Another left leaning political blog.

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