Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Winner is...

Since it is Oscar night, I'll give a few awards of my own.

Best Video Done By Supporter
The Nominees:
Vote Different

Obama Girl

The Yes We Can Video

The Winner is The Yes We Can Video

Most Embarrassing New Story

John McCain and The NYTimes article As sloppy as the romantic link was, the rest of the article was pretty unflattering to John McCain.

Hillary Clinton vs Peter Semetis
bad enough she is getting her ass kicked by Barack Obama, but this article about a small vendor taking her campaign to small claims court has to be embarrassing.

$400 Haircut.
It is hard to portray yourself as fighting for the working man while you are in Beverly Hills getting $400 haircuts. Not only did he do it twice but he charged it to his campaign where it was bound to be found out through review of expenses.

The winner is.....John McCain and the New York Times story. Once you get past the sloppy journalism around the romantic link, there is enough on here to haunt John for the rest of the campaign.

Best Political Spouse

The Nominees are:
Bill Clinton

Michelle Obama

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Kucinich

And the Winner is Elizabeth Kucinich. Let's face it, the other political spouses mean a great deal to their candidate, but Kucinich is never getting anything from the top shelf of the fridge without his wife's help.

Looks like they are getting ready for casting for The Hobbit.

The best rant against another candidate

No other entries. The winner is.....Joe Biden

That's all the awards for now. Thank God, no speeches at this award show.

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thegrandview said...

That photo of Dennis and Elizabeth cracks me up.