Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Disappointment in an American Hero

If you have stopped by this blog on occasion you have probably heard me say how much I respect John McCain despite the fact that his political beliefs run counter to mine. Senator McCain has made himself a pariah within his party because of his principled stands which run counter to his party's base. Over the past year, John McCain has softened some of his positions in order to be more accepted by his party while running for President. He has changed his mind on Bush tax cuts and has altered his position on illegal immigrants. Some of this is to be expected in a campaign.

Since sealing the deal on the nomination, he has been taking increased heat within his own party. To help his standing today John McCain voted against a ban on water boarding. He had previously been the voice against torture because of his years he spent in the Hanoi Hilton. Flip flopping on tax cuts is one thing, changing positions for political reasons on a position that defines you is reprehensible.

Barack has started to remark in stump speeches how the Straight Talk Express has been derailed. Today it was derailed, flipped over, and set on fire.

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