Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Thoughts (Politics Edition)

I really was going to write a non political post tonight. I was going to write brilliantly about how well the Celtics have done without Kevin Garnett. I had some extremely insightful comments on how sad it was that a screw up like Amy Whinehouse won 5 Grammys. My comments on Roger Clemens were going to bring new perspective to the matter. I also had some new winning strategies to share on Iraq. But it was not to be.

Instead you get another post on politics. Without further ado, here are some of my latest observations on the race:

The slow drip of bad news since Super Tuesday for Hillary Clinton is astonishing. Since basically coming out of Super Tuesday tied one short week ago she has lost 8 straight races, admitted to loaning her candidacy $5million, and now firing two senior staffers.

From what I can tell, Barack Obama has raised at least $17million in the week since Super Tuesday. By the end of the month he could be close to $40mil for February. With that haul you would have to think Texans are going to hear a lot of TV commercials.

Someone on TV raised the prospect of McCain choosing Condoleeza Rice as his running mate. While I don't think he will, it certainly would make for interesting race dynamics in a race against Obama. I can't believe I didn't think of it for my VP article a few days ago.

Both on Saturday and tonight CNN cut short Hillary Clinton's speech after 5 minutes yet let the full 25 minute Obama speech go on uninterrupted. This isn't prejudice against one candidate vs another it is more likely deciding Hillary speech was losing viewers.

It is interesting watching Hillary and Barack fly into North Carolina to get Edwards endorsement after treating him like a third wheel during the campaign. He must be a Super Delegate.

Having Bill Clinton call every Super Delegate is a good use of him in the campaign, but if this doesn't show the need to reform the primary process then I give up.

There are really no good answers for Florida and Michigan, the best the DNC can hope for is that Hillary loses Ohio and Texas and drops out rendering the discussion meaningless.

Finally I will leave with these thoughts. Barack has won 23 of 34 states. He has 1075 delegates won vs 954 for Hillary. He has won the last 8 contests by margins that would make Tom Osborne's Cornhuskers blush. The next two contests are very favorable which will mean Hillary's victory drought could be a month. With these dynamics Hillary is starting to look like Rudy Giuliani. She's putting all her eggs in one basket and bucking the tide of momentum.

Tomorrow I promise a non politics post. (unless Hillary does something else wrong)

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