Monday, February 4, 2008

Greetings from the Back of the Line

Someone could make a pretty good case for child abuse for dragging my daughter to the Obama rally. The line is the longest line I have ever been in with maybe 18,000 of our closest friends in front of us. Doors opened at 8:00, it is 8:30 and we have moved 80' and only have 2 miles left. No chance I am getting in. Just enjoying time with my daughter.


DB said...

No, child abuse would be taking your daughter to see a Republican candidate.

DB said...

Second thought, perhaps Obama will have a similar effect on her that JFK did to the generations before her. I suppose you are in a great position to see that develop and how it plays out for her as she develops her political opinions.

Then again, my dad was/is a huge JFK fan but now is a staunch conservative. Go figure.

Ez Blogger said...

It's funny, your point about bringing her to see a Republican candidate is a good one.

Objectively I couldn't see waiting more than 15 minutes to see any of them.

The thought of even seeing Huckabee or Romney is laughable.