Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Links

So as not to upset the already upset Patriot fans, I will leave that amazing game alone.

I haven't done a "Quick Links" post in a while, in honor of Super Tuesday, here are some "Super Links".

I love this article about called "the I hate Mitt Romney Club". The club members discussed in this Time article are all of the other candidates for the GOP nomination. Personally I hope Super Tuesday doesn't end his race, I am hoping that he will drop another $20-30 million in a losing effort.

New York Times has a nice Super Tuesday Election Guide. Snap shots on each of the states.

Funny thing happened at the Obama rally with Oprah and Michelle Obama rally, Maria Shriver showed up. As hard to believe as it may seem, this may be a bigger endorsement than Ted Kennedy. Tomorrow on the front cover of every California newspaper will be the story of the first lady of California endorsing Barack. You can't buy that kind of advertising one day before an election.

One of the long standing complaints of Presidential elections is that candidates tend to ignore much of the country and focus on bigger prizes. Barack Obama had a pretty big welcome in a state with 1.6 million register voters, only 6% of them Democrats.

Last but not least is this Maureen Down article called "There Will be Blood" in the NYTimes about a HRC-Obama encounter on a tarmac in DC. These two are not going to be on the same ticket!!!

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