Friday, February 8, 2008

How do you replace this guy?

With the field narrowing down to two Democrats and one Republican, there has been a lot of speculation about who is going to fill the VP slot. Here's my take on the VP's for the respective candidates:

John McCain
Jeb Bush- I know the country isn't ready for another Bush presidency, but there isn't a single other VP that could pacify the Right Wing zealots in the party as much as Jeb. Jeb's big weakness is that he has a moron for a brother, although most agree that Jeb would have been the better President.

Charlie Crist- Good executive experience, would help with conservatives and Florida. Not a great national name but probably the most likely choice since Jeb probably would decline.

Steve Forbes- Another conservative favorite, given the problems with the economy he would be a very good choice.

Mike Huckabee- Mike will get a job with the McCain administration, but it won't be the VP gig. He has done two favors for McCain in hopes of getting the VP nod. First he took a lot of votes from Romney paving the way for McCain, then he stayed in the race after Romney left so that the fake race for the nomination would still get McCain some free press.

Hillary Clinton
Tom Vilsak- Good balance to the ticket. Governor to compliment a Senator. Midwesterner to complement her Northeaster appeal. He is a good guy, she is an evil woman.

John Edwards
- If the race with Obama gets nasty (which I actually think it won't), John would be a good choice to help appease the liberal wing of the party. Another good compliment to Hillary's weaknesses (at least some of them). Plus he is an attorney so he can represent her at her impeachment hearings.

Wes Clark- Having a former General as a VP in wartime would be a very good idea. He has long been a Clinton favorite. He will probably wind up as SecDef.

Rosie O'Donnell- If you can't find someone that compliments your weaknesses then you might as well take someone that is similar to you. Angry liberal with high negatives.

Barack Obama

Jim WebbI must confess, this is my ticket. Jim Webb is a lot like Obama. The race he ran against George Maccaca Allen was very similar to the race Obama is running. His experience as the Secretary of the Navy under Reagan would give a nice Military background to go with Barack.

Bill Richardson- Barack could have an issue with Hispanic votes in the general election if he runs against McCain. That issue would go away immediately with Richardson on the ticket. That should not minimize Richardson's value. He has great experience and would be a very valuable asset to the administration.

Joe Biden- An old experienced Washington hand to help bulldog the legislation through the bureaucracy. Biden doesn't help win any states which is probably why he winds up in a SecDef or SecState role.

Colin Powell- This is very far fetched, but why not?? He is 71 but so is McCain. He would be the perfect VP. As for having two black men on the same ticket, anyone that is prejudiced isn't voting for Barack anyways, this would show he was serious about thinking different.

Mike Bloomberg- Executive experience. Financial expertise. $6 Billion. This isn't as far fetched as Powell, but would be almost as bold.

John Edwards need not apply. John doesn't add a lot for Barack. Not sure he helps win any state.

As for the combination of Obama and Clinton or Clinton and Obama, neither of these two have egos that could be put aside to be number 2 or in Barack's case, #3 behind Bill. No Chance. None.

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