Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Finally has an Impact on the Race

Sure Mitt Romney did lose Iowa, New Hampshire, and many other states he put an emphasis on but as he leaves the race he finally has an impact. While everyone tries to figure out how every endorsement, speech and debate play out on the voting public nobody is commenting on how Mitt's departure impacts the Presidential race.

That may seem like a irrelevant point based on the Republican Primary now being over but it does have an impact on the Democratic Primary and the General Election.

For the Democratic primary should help Obama because there are several primaries and caucuses that Obama should stand to gain more of the independant vote. Ask most McCain supporters who they would vote for on the Democratic Primary and most would say Barack. Since the Republican nomination is wrapped up, there will be no reason to vote in that primary. There will be a big cross over that should give Obama a lift. This could really help in a state like Virginia in which Clinton hopes could be one of her few post Super Tuesday February wins. Texas indepandents can also vote for Dems, think any are voting for Clinton?

Romney's departure also hurts McCain. Even though he now is assured of the nomination, he will fall out of the news. He will no longer get all of the free coverage from the hords of media that fawn over him on the straight talk express. Being out of the news doesn't exactly help in fundraising either. Either Democratic candidate wil out raise him by $50 million in the general election easily even though he will have a major headstart.

So Mitt is finally having an impact, he is helping Obama and hurting McCain. Hey, if there is a Dem in the Whitehouse, he will be able to run in 2012 without guilt. (can plastic feel guilt?

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