Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roller Coaster Tuesday

At close to 11:00 this has been an interesting day of voting. Each candidate will spin it their own way here's my take on each candidate's showing:

Barack Obama- Took a major step forward in getting the nomination today. Going into today I still felt that Hillary was the candidate to beat. When all is said and done, Barack will have won between 12 and 15 out of the 23 states and a majority of the delegates. Also, Although Drudge has MO going to Clinton, I am betting this winds up swinging to Obama. This would be a big win for him. He won a lot of red states which will be a good platform to claim that he is best suited to win a general election. He has to be a little disappointed in his performance in the Northeast. Just by hanging in even through tonight, the schedule favors him going forward. Obama can sweep the rest of the February contests and go into March 5th with Texas and Ohio with a lot of momentum.

Hillary Clinton- Will claim victory tonight based on wins in New York, New Jersey and possibly California. Ultimately she loses just by Barack hanging around long enough. The more he stays with her, the more people see him as viable. She is more worried tonight than leading into the New Hampshire primary.

John McCain- John is the winner on the Republican side, but clearly he failed to meet expectations. He will win enough delegates to just about seal the deal but results in solid red states show trouble. In all of the primaries to date, McCain has only gotten greater than 50% in 3 contests. That has to e very concerning.

Mike Huckabee - Mike was the winner of the night in terms exceeding expectations. He finished a solid second to McCain on the night. After tonight he is no longer a player because he has just about run out of southern states. He did make a great case tonight that he can help McCain in a general election. The thought of a McCain Huckabee ticket must be making Rush Limbaugh's blood boil.

Mitt Romney- Although he has some wins, he is the loser tonight. It will be interesting to see if he continues to fund his own campaign. It is one thing to spend money when you have a chance, let's see if his money matches his mouth.

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