Monday, February 4, 2008

Watching the Rally

After over an hour and a half in line, I am watching the rally as I type this.....on C-Span. After an hour an a half the line progressed about a mile. there was easily half a mile to go so Emily and I cut bait and left. There was no way all of these people were getting in.

So in absence of more color commentary from the rally, I will make my predictions for tomorrow.

Barack Obama despite trailing in 18 of the 22 states polling is actually going to win between 8 and 12. If he wins 12, stick a fork in Hillary because it only gets worse from here. 10 would be fantastic. Anything above 45% of total available delegate tomorrow would be a huge day for Barack. Especially since the rest of the February contests should go his way. My prediction is that wins will come from Illinois, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Utah, and yes, California.

Of the 21 Republican contests tomorrow, McCain will win at least 15 possible as high as 18. He is well ahead of many of the winer take all states so basically tomorrow finishes the job. Mitt will take Massachusetts barely and Utah and not much else and Mike Huckabee will win 2-3 southern states.

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