Friday, March 14, 2008

Class of 2014

When my wife and I decided to move last year, one of the reasons we stayed in Boston was that we wanted our daughter to have the opportunity to go to Boston Latin School. We had been to the school a few years ago for a seminar and were just amazed by the closeness and pride of the alumni. We visited the school last November with our daughter and again were blown away. Today we found out she was accepted.

Boston Latin is a pretty difficult school to get into but a year ago it seemed very unlikely that she would get in. A year ago my daughter slipped into some of my academic habits and mailed in for a semester. Her straight A's in grades 1-4 no longer came as easy. Her grades slipped and nearly put Boston Latin out of reach.

This year she has been a new kid. She has worked extremely hard in not only her school work, but in taking the tutoring classes to prepare for the test. She has done it all with such a fantastic attitude. We have absolutely been astonished with how much her attitude towards school changed this year as compared to last year.

I'm not sure who in the family was happiest for her, but she was extremely proud of herself and that is truly what matters most.

Congratulations Peeps! Boston Latin School- Class of 2014!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad!
Nice to mention me in fifth grade when well, I wasn't doing so good. MAY AS WELL PUT IT ON a BILLBOARD!
Love you.

Emily said...

I actually read about your troubles with the 5th grade in the Boston Globe.