Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome to Bob

My brother and I have maintained our separate websites since the summer of last year. I must admit, I find my brother's far more interesting on general topics than mine. Mine has been more of a brain dump of my opinions mostly on politics so as not to completely bore my wife (thanks for listening and giving me that outlet).

My brother has more posts of a general interests. He shares some of my opinions on the current election despite his Republican leanings (although I think he overstates those leanings).

My brother and I are merging our blogs starting next week and will be an overall much better site than either of those individual sites. One of our talented nephews will be adding lots of graphics on the site. The site is Please stop by and take a look. And even though my brother has done a lot of heavy lifting to get the site design as good as it currently is, I promise it will be even better in the coming months.

So please check it out now and come back in the future as it continues to evolve and improve.

And bobs your uncle.

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