Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Return Of Quick Links

Longtime Bruce Springsteen E Street Band member Danny Federici died at the age of 58 this week from melanoma. Danny set up a fund for melanoma through Sloan Kettering and also has a note on his illness on his website that you should check out and remember.

The question the nation is wondering these days is will Artie Lange be back on the Howard Stern Show on Monday. While this article
claims he will not return after attacking a staffer and walking out, my guess is that he will be back.

Andrew Sullivan has a quick post on the Obama rally in Philadelphia that drew 35,000 people. More impressive is the photo of the event. Somehow Hillary will spin this that the Pope drew a bigger crowd.

If you haven't read Robert Reich's endorsement of Obama it is worth reading. Keep in mind, this guy has been a friend of the Clintons for 40 years and once went on a date with Hillary. Expect James Carville to attack him this coming week.

Finally, congratulations Kevin Garnett on the birth of his first child. You think this guy needs more motivation to win his first title?

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