Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Week Ahead

One thing I did enjoy writing on the Bobsyouruncleth site was a weekly post called "The Week Ahead". Since there are a number of things I am looking forward to this week, I figured I would do it here on occasion.

As I mentioned in my post last night, this week the nation waits eagerly on whether Artie returns to the Howard Stern Show Monday. Last night I posted that renowned Stern outsider Chauncey Hayden was reporting from inside sources that Artie was definately out, well today I can tell you straight from the baby gorilla's mouth, that Artie will be back.

Of course a slightly bigger story is the Pennsylvania Primary. As much as I would like to see Barack close it out, it looks to me to be an 8-12 point win for The Bosnian Sniper Evader. I'll call it 54-46 although the most credible pollster (Survey USA) has it most recently at a 14 point spread. I'll call it 8 and then say it ends in Indiana on May 6th. Anything less than 8 and there will be a plethora of SuperDelegates that declare for Obama putting pressure on HRC to call it a day.

If Hillary wins bigger than 8, look for John Edwards to enter the fray by endorsing Hillary before North Carolina.

The only good tv show on these days returns Thursday. Lost is back after the writers strike and the previews look good. Some day it will all make sense, but the show keeps you guessing like no other show since the Sopranos.

The NBA playoffs have kicked off and tonight, me and my 11 year old daughter get to go enjoy the Celtics destroy the Hawks. On Wednesday my son gets his turn. The coronation begins.

While most including myself don't care about the NHL, a friend from work made a bold prediction that the Bruins would beat the Canadians in the series while they were down 3-1. It is now 3-3 and Monday we will find out if he was right.

And bob, oh never mind.

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