Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stupid Enough

When I first started this blog I gave an almost daily insult to our commander in chief. Lately I have left him alone, after all he is mailing in his last term just running out the clock.

However, there has been growing efforts to ratcheting up the rhetoric with Iran. Seymour Hirsh said a couple of years ago in his revealing New Yorker article, George Bush feels that it is his 'moral imperative' to act against Iran.

While I am not going to debate the merits of attacking Iran, I think you could have made a better argument in 2003 that we should have dealt with Iran vs Iraq (a better argument, but still very flawed). But it isn't 2003 anymore. In the current environment, there are bigger concerns than Iran.

Our economy and the world economy are more of a peril to our country than the possibility that in 3-5 years Iran could have a nuclear weapon. The ramifications of attacking Iran would be $7.00 a gallon gas prices, sky rocketing inflation, mass layoffs, weakening tax base for federal, state, cities and towns.

Just think about all of the above happening in conjunction with the banking crisis we are currently in and people mortgaged beyond the value of their homes.

Funding this war in Iraq has helped bring us to where we are today. Escalating to Iran would be a financial disaster beyond our darkest nightmares.

While you have to believe the administration knows all of this, I wonder what they believe is a bigger priority. You have to believe Dick Cheney is fully entrenched in the bomb Iran camp, but is President Bush stupid enough to risk it all for his moral imperative?

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