Friday, May 2, 2008

10,000 and going

A year ago this coming July I started this blog for nothing more than my personal enjoyment. Over the course of the last 10 months I have made about 3oo posts. This weekend I will surpass 10000 hits. I'm not sure if that is good bad or otherwise but I hope some people have enjoyed it.

The posts over the course of the last 10 months have ranged from Bashing Bush to having to give up my pet dog Mia, to struggling to keep the 120 lbs I lost off to attending an Obama rally with my daughter.

Some of my more brilliant predictions and analysis were:

  • Saying last August not to write off John McCain (and following it up by saying on New Years day he would win the nomination).
  • Predicting that Huckabee would become a factor when most in the county didn't know his name.
  • Declaring that Obama turned around his campaign after his speech at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Iowa in November.
  • Boldly stating that the Celts would sign Sam Cassell in December and it would help solidify a championship team (half down, half to go).
  • Remarking that the Patriots would not win the Super Bowl despite their perfect record (although I had a different Manning beating them)
Ok so not all of my predictions were winners:
  • My declaration that I was upset that my favorite team (the Celtics) traded from my favorite player (Kevin Garnett) because I thought of all things Gerald Green was going to be a special player (he has since been released twice).
  • I thought Hillary would win the nomination (which she won't)
  • I also believed that George Bush would was planning on bombing Iran (which he hasn't YET).
Over the course of this blog's existence, the posts have become increasingly political. Over the next 6 months I probably don't see that changing too much.

Well thanks to the 10000 visitors who have come by for a visit from all the red dots from the map above. Please comment when you come by.


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