Sunday, May 4, 2008

Statement Game

A little break from politics to comment on the Celts Hawks game 7 I just came back from. I've been pretty emotionally invested in this Celtics team to the point where I haven't been able to read a newspaper since they lost game 3. I haven't been able to go on except for a brief bit after game 5.

Going into this game 7, if it were up to me to play I couldn't throw a ball in the ocean from the deck of a ship because I was practically numb at the thought that this great Celtics team could possibly lose the series to a very talented but not nearly as good Atlanta Hawks team.

My wife and I attended the game and the Celtics played what had to be the toughest basketball I've ever seen a a team play for three quarters. Mid way through the third, the Hawks hadn't cracked 30 points.

So I am now off the ledge as far as the Celtics go ready to get back on it Tuesday night when they play the Cavs and North Carolina and Indiana votes come in.

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thegrandview said...

Phil, it amazes me that they lost three games after positively blowing out the Hawks in the games at home. Today was just a completely different level.