Friday, May 30, 2008


I have to get this off my chest. NBA referees are the least competent people on the face of the earth outside of the Bush Administration. They should fire every fire everyone of these complete idiots and replace them with blind chimps.

If I ever see Violet Palmer referee another game I am going to commit a felony.

People that complain about the NBA players are greatly misguided, the players have NEVER been better but the officiating has never been worse.

David Stern should be embarrassed to have these idiots as part of the league. The reason it took so long for them to figure out Tim Donaghy was gambling on games was that he was relatively one of their better refs. Think about it. The guy was gambling on games and effecting their outcome and he was considered one of the better refs.

Incompetent jerk moronic gamblers!!!

Update: My neighbors asked me what I thought of the Pierce call on the three pointer. Evidently they heard me screaming at the TV.

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I couldn't believe an infraction wasn't called there. That was terrible.