Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm not a good winner. After the Celtics beat the Pistons to advance to the Finals tonight I sent a few gloating responses out.

To the writer from the Detroit Free Press that wrote the article "Don't worry Pistons Fans, This Series is Going 7" I sent an email titles Hahahahaha. There will be a game 7, but it will be Celtics vs the Lakers.

To Bill Simmons from ESPN who has been bashing the Celts of late, I sent him an email questioning him for going Hollywood and trading in his Celtic loyalty for a purple shirt.

And lastly I sent an email to a guy I was working with at a charity event last week who I was trash talking back and forth about Celtics Pistons. I was nicer to him, but still gloated.

20 games down, 5 to go. Celtics in 5 vs the Lakers. You heard it here first.

Oh, and the refs still suck, but in the last 4 minutes they sucked in our favor.

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