Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hitting George with a 5X5

One of my favorite features from by brother's blog is his semi regular 5x5. Since I have been a little lazy of late in updating my blog I thought I would 'borrow' his format for one post. So in honor of Scott McClelland's new book, I have for you a special 5x5 George Bush edition.

5 most evil members of the Bush Administration

1 Dick Cheney- He is so evil Karl Rove comes in #2.
2 Karl Rove- You gotta respect a good villain. There is nothing good about this soulless creep.
3 Paul Wolfowicz- The master architect for the failed Iraq policy
4 John Bolton- With a mustache and hair like that has the evil looks to go with his evil persona.
5 John Ashcroft- It's hard to imagine anyone evil enough to lose a governor's race to a dead man, but somehow he managed.

5 most incompetent members of the Bush Administration

1 Donald Rumsfeld- He would have made the evil list except I was keeping the lists separate. He was such a master of inocmpetence that the phrase Rumsfeldian Incompetence was coined in his honor.
2 Condoleeza Rice- How she has escaped the the criticism her incompetence warrants is beyond me.
3 Alberto Gonzalez- Think about this for a minute. This guy was Attorney General and now can not get a job in the private sector. Wow!
4 Paul Bremer- If ever our Iraq policy had a small window to succeed, this guy shut the window with authority.
5 Michael Brown- Heck of a job Brownie

5 Biggest Failings of the Bush Administration

1 Iraq- I could break it down into it's components and it could fill the full list, but the Iraq policy as a whole is a disaster.
2 Protecting our country- Failing to show leadership in the run up to 9/11 failed to prevent the biggest attack in US history.
3 Failing to capture Bin Laden- Deserves a separate mention than the above line. Think about it. This cretin is responsible for killing 3000 Americans and yet he still draws breath.
4 Katrina- To allow the slow response on American soil that watched as hundreds died needlessly and an American city was wiped out is unfathomable.
5 Opportunity lost- instead of uniting the world with the US post 9/11, the administration drew the line of either you are with us or against us. Citing Guantanamo and Abu Grahaib, many decided to be against us.

5 Policies that the Bush Administration has exploited for their gain

1 Iraq War- After watching how the administration ran over the anti war candidates in the 2002 mid terms, many Congressman fell in line fast.
2 Gay marriage- Gotta appease the base.
3 Stem Cell Research- How much progress could have been made if the administration had not exploited this policy to appease the Christian Right
4 Terror Threat- It's ironic how the terror threat hasn't been mentioned since the 2004 election.
5 FISA/Illegal warrantless wiretaps- No one has ever come out with a compelling reason why it was necessary to circumvent the FISA court (pr work on updating it)

5 Accomplishments of the Bush Administration that will have a lasting positive impact on our country

1 Social Security reform- nope
2 Immigration reform- nope
3 Middle East Peace- Nope
4 Energy Policy- Nope
5 Reduce Carbon Emissions- Nope

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