Thursday, May 29, 2008

With All Due Respect

In a typical episode of the Sopranos, "constructive" criticism is usually preceded by the term "in all due respect". In politics there is a similar preface to criticism. Any time anyone winds up to take a swing a John McCain it is usually preceded by "I respect/like John McCain, but". That phrase is usually followed by a right cross.

In all candor, John McCain deserves a lot of respect for his military service. You have to admire someone that after years of torture declines release because there were others imprisoned longer than him that should have been released before him per the Navy code. You have to admire and respect that. His career as a Senator is another story open for debate based on your own personal beliefs, but you have to give the man his due.

On the other hand why isn't criticism of Obama preceded by "although I respect Barack Obama.....". He should command no less respect than Senator McCain. This is a guy that was raised by single mother, grew up on government assistance, was left by his mother in his grandparent's custody while she was off on her work/travels but overcame his disadvantages by excelling academically and graduate from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. What's not to respect?

John McCain's military career may be admirable, but so is Obama's academic achievements. One should not be praised and the other discounted. Having a president that is intelligent would be a nice change from where we are today and should be treated with as much respect as military service with all due respect.

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