Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Stunner

I gotta admit, I haven't been this pissed off since watching Bennitto Salvatoree call Pierce for an offensive foul. Granted that was only Friday, but I am disgusted by Hillary Clinton's speech tonight.

Instead of acknowledging that the race was over, she fought a valiant but misguided fight but lost, she is out swinging for the fences in some delusional coma. She is saying she is fighting on, but that is like Chauncey Billups showing up at the Arena today to play the Celtics even though the series is over and they lost.

Not only does she say she is fighting on, but is so f$%#ing out there that she seriously believes she is doing it for America. Hillary, it's not about the American people at this point, it's about you. This is right up there with renting the Lincoln bedroom or Bill's shady business dealings. It's about what price can you extort out of Barack. I will be seriously disappointed if Barack gives you anything more than the lack of respect you showed him.

You were a disgrace tonight and you will have a lot of making up to do if you are to be taken seriously again.

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