Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

Monday will be another good day for mac users as Steve Jobs unveils the all new iPhone. That has me licking my chops at the prospective software changes I hope becomes available to those of us on the original iPhones. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my iPhone unconditionally the way it is. In fact I am doing this post on my phone (as I did the Closer post the other day from the waiting room at my Dr.'s office).

Like any true love there are things you would like to change or improve. Some of the things I would like to see improved or added are:

1. First and foremost is the ability to use adobe flash. This is the biggie that is probably on top of everyones list. It would allow you to view so much more on the web.

2. The ability to send pictures and receive pictures through text. Somehow this functionality exists on $19 phones but not on an iPhone. The process of going to and Bach and forth to the text message to try to remeber the 27 letter alpha numeric usernames and passwords is clumsy and should be fixed.

3. Video tape or stream video from the built in camera.

4. ability to save pictures from email to galleries on the phone.

5. Being able to access youtube video through a website rather than having to find it through the youtube section.

6. More frequent syncs to mail server.

7. Ability to access iTunes podcasts and stream rather than download and sync.

8. Ability to sync wirelessly to computer music files.

Those are some software enhancements that come to mind. Please add your own to the list.


Anonymous said...

You're missing a big one; the ability to cut and paste!
Not having that is exasperating.

Ez Blogger said...

That was a big one I had in my head when I started and forgot to include it. stupid me