Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mixed Bag

This past week we were treated to the previously unthinkable. Hillary Clinton gave a gracious and powerful concession speech and the NBA referees ref'ed a competent game 1 of the NBA finals. Nothing in the previous several weeks led us to think either were possible.

I must admit I am a little concerned about Paul Pierce's injury. It seems as if both the team and the player are ignoring any long term ramifications for the short term gain. I hope I am wrong.

Big Papi's wrist injury makes one wonder. This type of injury was previously unheard of pre steroid era.

At game 1 they announced best wishes to Senator Kennedy. It received one of the longest applause of the night (outside of Pierce's return from the locker room). I was somewhat surprised that in this era off political cynacism that there was not a single boo. Be well Senator.

While Hillary has made her supportive comments of Obama, the next watch begins on how long it will take Bill. My guess is that Bill is the less enthusiastic of the two and above anything else, that he hurts Hillary's chance at being VP.

While I would love to do a full post on the mistakes of the Clinton campaign, there are already more post mortems than John Edwards votes. So instead i will point out two way under reported angles. First, In 2006 when Clinton ran for reelection, she raised 70 mil but spent 60. It was not only a sign of the mismanaging of money that would foreshadow her Presidential campaign but she also missed the opportunity to transfer any unused funds into her General Election fund. How much could she have used the extra money? The other thing that was underreported was that Hillary basically got a pass on all of her past scandals because Barack didn't want to run that type of campaign. For all the complaints about the media coverage, they did really take it east on her. If she got the nomination she would have seen how good they treated her in the primary.

McCain's speech Tuesday was poor on many fronts but two things that will ultimately doom him are his complete lack of a grasp on anything other than Iran and Iraq and his dangerous views on Iran and Iraq. The fact that he is running a campaign based on scaring the American public als George Bush will get exploited down the road. I don't believe for a second that the American public will fall for it again (gulp).

Speaking of McCain, his stance that Obama is ill informed since he hasn't been to Iraq is laughable. McCain and others have gone to Iraq and been isolated from reality and only get to speak with those that have positions that mesh with the administration's line of bull. A trip may make for a nice photo op but has little practical purpose.

At game one of the NBA finals the Boston fans were creative (and may be a tad bit inappropiate) in chanting No means No when Kobe shot free throws. I think tonight I'll start a Shaq was better chant.

This past week Tom Delay said that Obama was a Marxist until someone proved otherwise. Folks, I believe Tom Delay killed Chandra Levy unless he proves otherwise.

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