Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Leaders in the Clubhouse

So now that the drama of the Democratic Primary seems over, it is a good time to update my predictions on Obama's prospective VP. A few months back I thought Jim Webb would be the choice but a lot has happened since then and I no longer think he is the front runner. So here's my list in order of likelihood in my opinion.

Hillary Clinton
Yes, Hillary Clinton is now my lead candidate in who I think Obama will pick. I think Barack showed a lot of strength in pushing back on getting pushed into it, but I have a feeling he is going to decide that she gives him the best chance of winning. Ironically, her biggest negative in the VP job was her biggest asset in running for President. Bill Clinton.

Wes Clark
In absence of Hillary herself, picking Wes probably would appease some of her supporters. Additionally, his Military experience would help negate some of McCain's perceived strength.

Tim Kaine
Tim was a very early Obama supporter and is Governor of a very key state. He is an extremely popular Governor and is more moderate than liberal. Would bring some executive experience to the ticket.

Jim Webb
Still a top tier candidate but some of his old statements about women in the military will further alienate Hillary Clinton supporters. If within the month or so the Democratic party comes together behind Barack and Clinton supporters are in the fold, then Jim Webb is the choice. If there is any doubt then he is out.

Kathy Sebelius
I must admit not knowing much about this Governor of Kansas. From what I have read recently she is just the type of change agent that would complement Barack. This may not sit well with Hillary Clinton who may want to be the history maker.

John Kerry
I admit this is kind of a dark horse but he has a lot of credentials that would be very useful to Barack. He's been fully vetted. His aloofness and his elitism perception work against him, but you have to remember, this is a guy that got 57 million votes in the general election and was only about 80000 votes short in Ohio in winning the election. He would probably be a better VP than he would have been as a President. Although he would have been a better President than current occupant.

Wow wow wow. Ray Allen just hit a three to put the Cs up by 4. (but I digress)

The last guy on my shortlist is....
Mike Bloomberg
Another longshot but would seem to give Obama some of what that worm Romney would give McCain. Someone with street cred on economic issues, someone with executive experience, but also someone that would lend credence to the notion that Obama is working across the aisle (although Bloomberg is now an Independent)

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