Thursday, August 28, 2008

mixed bag

I'm walking my dog and writing this week's mixed bag on my iPhone, forgive any bad grammaar.

Bill Clinton was great last night, but if you are Barack Obama, how do you use him? I'm sure Barack would love to have him recreate the very successful rural area pick up tours he did for HRC in western PA and southeast Ohio, but I wouldn't think Bill would be up for that. Maybe the best thing would be of leave the scene.

Watching the convention on CNN is at times frustrating because they cut away from too many speakers. I have mostly watched CSPAN but I was fortunate to be watching CNN shortly after the roll call when they interviewed civil rights leader Rep John Lewis. Though he was originally aHRC supporter, he was so emotional he could barely speak.

I have been following updates on twitter on John Dickerson HuffPost and others as they have given updates throughout. Ain't technology grand?

Speaking of technology,I can't keep up with my RSS reader, during the convention there are 100's of updates everytime I pick up my iPhone.

Last night was the most cohesive night of the convention, besides the killer speeches by Bill and Joe, john Kerry showed again why he is Barack's most effective surrogate. Plus the short film was well done. Oh yeah, and howbowt Beau, the next Biden Senator from Delaware.

Lastly, I confess to adding a note to my blog predicting Obama would come on stage after Clinton's speech and deleting it when it didn't happen, thanks Mike for keeping me semi honest.

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